Review Of The OPPO A15 Cameras

  With the Oppo A series of smartphones, the manufacturers have provided OPPO with an opportunity to show what they are capable of in terms of specifications and a series that looks attractive on the eye. It also promises them a share of the smartphone market, which is already well-stocked with a number of models… Continue reading Review Of The OPPO A15 Cameras

Slot Machines in US Casinos

People who play slot machines do so to win the huge amounts of money that can be seen on the payoff table that you often see above these slot machines. When you place your money in these machines and you complete a certain pattern or line up certain icons, you get the amount printed for… Continue reading Slot Machines in US Casinos

Craps Casino Gambling Game

Yesterday morning my last full day in Niagara Falls, Ontario, had arrived. After a packed schedule the day before that had included a wonderful presentation at the Imax Theatre, my up-close encounter with the Great Falls at the Journey Behind the Falls and an entertaining show at the Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Theatre, I got… Continue reading Craps Casino Gambling Game

Tips for Sports Gambling

Binary Options are the hottest new game in online trading. No experience necessary, step right up and place your wager! A quick Google search reveals thousands of ‘brokers’ offering hundreds of dollars in sign up bonuses and promises of 70%-85% returns in minutes! If this sounds familiar, you may be remembering the explosion of offshore… Continue reading Tips for Sports Gambling

My Gambling Story

When gambling roulette, many players rely on superstition and wild guesses. They bet their sweetheart’s birthday or their mom’s lucky number. This strategy ends up with your chips ending up in the dealer’s stack and explains why the casinos are able to afford such glitzy properties. There are many different choices of wager for a… Continue reading My Gambling Story

These Must Be Some of the Best Kept Gambling Secrets in the World

I’ll never forget the first time a gambler showed me his new system to beat the odds at roulette. I was living in Madrid at the time, and Carlo, an Italian guy who occasionally liked to go to the casino and play European roulette, had just heard about a “no lose” system that would guarantee… Continue reading These Must Be Some of the Best Kept Gambling Secrets in the World